Various beginner golf equipment pieces and sets get advertised on Golf channels and on the internet. These packages usually include equipment that beginning golfers won’t really benefit from or aren’t ready to use, unfortunately. It’s best to start with a few basics pieces of beginner golf equipment and add to it as your game improves.

Invest in a good golf bag as your first piece of beginner golf equipment. This is not the cheapest piece of golf equipment you’re going to come across but if you plan to be in the game for a while it is worth the investment. This is the one piece of equipment that carries around all the others. There are a few things you want to keep in mind as you compare brands, styles, and prices. First, make sure the bag is comfortable to carry around. Second, you’ll need to decide if you want a bag that has a built-in stand, which is recommended if you plan to walk rather than rent a cart or hire a caddy when you play.

The final thing is to make sure it has plenty of room and organizational capacity to carry around the most important equipment for you to have with room to grow.

Ball markers are also important pieces of golf equipment to have.

They are especially important if you’re playing in a group. You will use these markers to mark where your ball stopped on the green without interfering with the play of the others in your group. Golf etiquette dictates that the person farthest from the hole plays first. This means that without a ball marker to mark your spot your ball could interfere with the play of the other ball or balls on the green. It is important to have this inexpensive equipment when playing in a group.

You will also need to invest in a decent divot tool. It won’t help your game play but golf is a gentleman’s sport. One of the rules of the green is to fix any nicks and clumps caused by your ball so subsequent players aren’t impaired by them. Beginners will find many pieces of golf equipment that they consider buying. This is one sport where there are all kinds of bright, shiny, and distracting gadgets and gizmos to choose from. It is more beneficial, however, to only buy the equipment necessary for a beginner and wait to build your inventory as your game improves. Starting with these basics will have you ready for the nest level in no time.

Get a pair of golf shoes before you go golfing. Make sure you go through a couple of reviews for golfing shoes before you actually buy a pair. The cheapest golfing shoes ought to be avoided, as they often have negative product reviews.