You don’t need as much equipment as you’d think when you first start golfing. There are a lot of fancy gadgets that look fun to try but you won’t need those until you’ve learned the game more. Until then, you won’t really benefit from using the more advanced equipment anyway. Keep the following important tools in mind as you assemble your beginner golf kit.

You should invest in a good pair of gloves as part of your start up equipment. Golf gloves come in packs of one are designated for left or right handed golfers. While you can find them in pairs, it isn’t necessary to purchase two gloves unless that is your preference. Why are gloves so important when you golf? It can be common to develop blister from gripping the club but wearing gloves can help prevent that. Make sure that any gloves you buy don’t cut off your circulation which will interfere with game play.

Golf balls are also a good idea to purchase when it comes to beginner golf equipment. In the beginning, the odds are good that you’re going to lose a lot of balls. It can take time to find the ball that matches your style of golf. As a beginning golfer, buying recycled golf balls is a good idea. Recovered from the water hazards on golf courses, recycled balls are available in large packages on mixed brands. This is cheaper way to get to try out various brands to find the best fit.

Another thing to invest in is golf club head covers. When you take the time to assemble a good set of golf clubs, they are an investment. Even a beginners set of golf clubs can easily set you back a few hundred dollars. To lengthen the life and usefulness of your clubs, you need to protect them by getting quality head covers that will protect them from banging together in your car or during the drive to and from the Golf course.

Have fun with this purchase and look for covers that reflect your personal style. You’ll see tons of golf equipment merchandise which allege they are the most wonderful for beginners. But, when you get these pieces of equipment to begin with you’ll find that there really is little else you need in order to learn the basics of the game. As your skills become greater, you can start adding new pieces to your supply for more of a range and potential in your golf game.

Before you can go playing golf, you ought to get a pair of golf footwear. Make sure you read a couple of product reviews about golf shoes some time before you actually buy a pair. Read 15 golfing shoe reviews before going shopping.